Marathon Countdown Day 10

In 10 Days I’ll be running my first marathon!!  December 8th in Honolulu.  I’ve been training and did my last long run (20 miles) last weekend. 

The next 10 days will be filled with carbohydrates!  I have increased the carbs in my diet to at least 60% for the past few weeks to make sure my glycogen stores are staying built up – it’s working!

I’ve received so much support, encouragement and suggestions from friends and family – thank you!

It’s such a great experience so far! 

One of my favorite training breakfasts is:

Granola, Greek Yogurt, Berries, a splash of almond milk and a little agave.  I eat this a lot even with I’m not training, but I’m using more granola right now for extra carbohydrates.




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