Lifestyle Leap Clarity Session

$297 (Value – $744) In advance of our session You Will:

  • complete a simple questionnaire
  • log food and exercise for a minimum of 3 days (1 week ideal)

I will:

  • provide your personal Energizing Your Body review and plan
  • provide the Top 5 Personalized Tips to make your biggest impact
  • answer your 3 Biggest Challenge questions

We will schedule a 60 minute virtual appointment and you will get the guidance and direction that you have been looking for!


Copy of my Guide, 7 Simple Steps to a Healthier You! ($47 value)

If you need more accountability and are ready to lose weight, increase energy, and just feel better – let’s work together to put in place an individualized program that will work for you! My ‘Energy Body Booster’ program is perfect for getting back on track without feeling like you have a lot of crazy restrictions.

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