“I am feeling great and have so much energy. Susie helped me lose 35 pounds by starting me on a Detox – Clean Eating program and then following up with me and helping me with my busy schedule. I’ve kept the weight off!”

— Debbie H. – Livermore, CA

Nicholas Smith – Personal Trainer, Hercules, CA

Michele Camacho – Copywriter, Rochester, NY

Christine Geddes-Sinclaire – Realtor, Clayton, CA

Shirlene Reeves – Certified Financial Educator, Pleasant Hill, CA

Jackie Meldrum – Relationship Coach, Walnut Creek, CA

Lori Clark, Client Services, Fremont, CA

Susan Lenser, Senior Sales Director, Pleasant Hill, CA

Captin tim

I contacted Susie to help me lose weight that had crept on over the past few years. I was getting married and promoted in the Fire Department and I was ready to make a change in my diet. I had conference calls with Susie and she taught me how to fuel my body throughout the day and still lose weight. My wife listened in on a couple of the calls when Susie was giving us shopping and cooking tips – which were so helpful.
I lost 15 pounds, and so far have kept it off for over 10 months. I looked great at my wedding and can maneuver better in my gear.

Tim M., Captain – Elk River. MN Fire Department

Hi Susie, Day three of shaping up literally and being inspired by your book and encouraging e-mails—thanks!

Dawn L., Pelican Lake, MN

Susie is conducting an 8 week Weight Loss challenge at my company, we are on week 6. At the start of the challenge I weighed 230 pounds and yesterday at the doctor’s office I weighed 119. I’ve been using her online Wellness Center and following the guidelines of the challenge. Thanks again to Susie and my company for the boost I needed to turn my health around.

Frank T., Merced, CA

Susie Garcia is a fountain of nutritional knowledge. She has the ability to explain the scientific mechanics of processing food, while keeping the conversation relevant to the eating habits in your day-to-day life. I would fully recommend her expertise to anybody who has questions ranging from esoteric biochemistry to what salad dressing has the least amount of fat.

Cory C. – Los Angeles, CA

Hi Susie,
I found your approach refreshing. I appreciate:
• your focus on finding a diet that works for me, rather than forcing a preconceived plan.
• your out of box thinking/encouraging way helped me to creatively overcome my resistance to trying new items/products.
• your easy methods to impart diet/nutritional education
A few out of box examples include:
• replacing the banana texture in my protein shake with 1/8 of avocado.
• walking / shopping during our appointments
Together, I lost 50 pounds in four months by adopting a lifestyle of learning diet/nutrition/exercise and making better choices.
My family says I am a new person.
I owe you a great deal.

Thank you,

Stephen F. – Oakland, CA

“I found the 30 Day Clean Eating Program to be simple and easy to follow. Not only did I adopt a healthier lifestyle, but felt great while doing it”

— Kim B., MS, RD – Denver, CO

“I lost 17 pounds in 3 months, without a lot of exercise. Susie’s food plan has not only helped me to loose the weight and have more energy, it has helped me to better cope with my chronic pain and other health issues with a much more positive attitude. I would recommend Susie to anyone looking to lose weight or improve their overall health.”

— Mari G. Hercules, CA

“My husband and I have been consulting Susie for Nutrition for the last six months. Her wonderful style and knowledge gave us high motivation and we followed her nutrition plan strictly. It made a BIG difference and we started seeing desired results. While our weight started reducing, the suggested balanced nutrition plan gave us more energy with less eating. I would recommend Susie for anyone looking for a healthy/balanced nutrition plan.”

— Asma H.– Orinda, CA

“Your programs, support and encouragement have helped me lose 20 pounds, 5 inches from my waist, 4 inches from those buldging hips and helped me feel like my former self of 15 years ago. I still am planning to lose another 20 pounds. I have been able to make it through the holidays with healthy eating habits and the few times I have slipped, have been able to get back on track…I feel that I am in control of my eating and have adapted new lifestyle habits. I gradually added more lifestyle changes with your advice.

I feel like a younger person and have a more youthful stride when I walk. My good friend told me after she hadn’t seen me for a few years, that I looked wonderful. I like looking at the mirror and not seeing my former chubby face! I have done this without pills or crazy diets, but a good healthy plan and now feel more confident about myself. My husband told me I looked like a model – I said “senior model”! I am replacing my clothes with 1-2 sizes smaller.

Thank you very much for your advice.
Best regards,

— Barbara A., Oakland, CA

“All my life I have struggled with my weight. A few years ago I went to see my doctor because I had suddenly gained almost 15 pounds in less then three months. All the tests showed that everything was fine. My doctor told me that I was simply getting older; and that my metabolism wasn’t getting any better.
Her suggestion was, “Try watching your carbs”. Unfortunately, she was not a nutritionist, and couldn’t provide any detailed information about what ‘watching my carbs’ really meant.

I contacted Susie because I knew she would have the answers. And I was right! She counseled me over the phone and through email. Susie provided all the tools I needed to start changing my eating habits and making different food choices. She explained how many carbs per meal and per snack that I should have, and also recommended that I look at what I was currently eating and see if there was another low carb alternative.

It has been almost two years since I made changes to my diet and I have lost over 25 pounds. I did not change anything else. It isn’t a diet, just a different way of eating!

— Debbie U. Minneapolis, MN

“Thank you for helping my hubby look great!

— Connie S., Orinda, CA

“I was referred to Susie about being pre-diabetic and about how to gain some weight because when I lowered my carb intake, Prior to seeing SusieI ended up losing 15 pounds that I didn’t need to lose. The pre-diabetes problem seems much better. My A1G blood count has been normal or nearly normal for quite a while. I am slowly gaining weight – am back to about 130, which means regaining 10 of the lost 15 pounds. So thank you!

— Ellen L., Oakland

“Susie speaks to her audience in a clear and easy to understand manner. Her knowledge is vast about nutrition and keeping the human body healthy.

— Emily Strayer, GU Energy, Berkeley, CA

““Susie and Nutrition for Your Lifestyle have been a great addition to our Company Wellness Program! They are very knowledgeable and provide interactive and applicable programming to improve and maintain our Colleagues’ personal health and wellness.”

— Sarah Lopes, The Morning Star Company, Woodland, CAA

“My husband and I have been consulting Susie for Nutrition for the last six months. Her wonderful style and knowledge gave us high motivation and we followed her nutrition plan strictly. It made a BIG difference and we started seeing desired results. While our weight started reducing, the suggested balanced nutrition plan gave us more energy with less eating. I would recommend Susie for anyone looking for a healthy/balanced nutrition plan.”

— A. Hussain – Orinda, CA

“Susie, You’ve made a huge difference in my life and wanted to thank you for your help.

My weight was severely affecting my health and my doctor wanted to make sure I received help in making long term changes rather than just prescribe medication. She decided the best way to do this was to refer me to you.

That was six months ago and I’ve lost 34 pounds so far which is half-way to my target weight of 170 pounds. I don’t get winded or feel tired when taking my six month old son out for a stroll now. I have more energy to go out more often during the weekends with my wife and son. I’ve just started working out at the gym which has become easier with the weight loss. I’ve also had to lower my medication due to my weight loss.

Your help has been so effective because you not only helped me make my health goals, but enabled me to make my own nutrition choices. You helped bring together my lifestyle and one of the most enjoyable parts of life, eating, in a healthy way. You made it easy to work with you because of your flexible hours and meeting places as well as using email and web tools to help me help myself. Thanks for helping me enjoy life more and longer.

— Alfredo N. Berkeley, CA

“ Thank you for coming to speak at our Mom’s Club meeting.  You had a lot of great advice which we will be able to put to good use!

— Leslie L.- Danville Mom’s Club

I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I am an emotional eater and a snacker, which is a bad combination. I also have always had a sweet tooth. When I started talking to Sandy about her work as a nutritionist and the 21 day cleanse program, I thought it might be helpful to jump-start me on a new path toward healthier eating. I had been feeling really run down, tired, sluggish, and just not myself.

Within 24 hours of starting the cleanse, I felt 100 times better. I was energized, clear-headed, and positive. Oddly enough, I was eating less, but did not feel hungry. Instead, I had an amazing amount of energy and felt fantastic. This cleanse is the best thing I have ever done for my body. I lost 15 pounds, which was amazing, but the benefits go well beyond the weight loss. I have a totally different relationship with food now–while I still love the sweet stuff, fruit tastes like dessert to me, and I realize that what I put into my body plays a big role in how I feel and how I act or react.

I also am much more conscious about eating less processed food, going to the farmer’s market for organic fruits and veggies, and overall, feel like I am making better decisions to fuel my body in a positive way. Moreover, my body feels better–I don’t retain water as much, I don’t feel as swollen or bloated after I eat, and those aches and pains I used to have are either gone or significantly decreased. I wasn’t sure about the cleanse when I started, but I have recommended it to everyone I know.

Sandy is amazing and has fantastic advice and knowledge about food and wellness. I so appreciated her guidance and positive attitude. She is knowledgeable and approachable and has a wealth of information. If you are looking to make a positive change for the better and one that will stick with you, this is the way to go!!!

— Ani M. – Walnut Creek, CA

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