Your New Lifestyle Launch Program

Provides you with weekly help in every situation. You will learn to change how you are thinking about food and make healthier choices every day. This is your chance to devote an entire year to improving your health and wellness. We will work together weekly for 3 months to launch your new lifestyle and then continue with monthly consults so that you Stay on Track! $2,497.00 or 2 payments of $1,375 ($5,914 value) It includes: Initial consult – 90 minutes (Virtual or in person for local clients)

  • I will provide your personal Energizing Your Body review and plan
  • You will learn how different types of foods energize your body
  • You will learn how to “think” about calories instead of counting them Follow up Consults
  • WEEKLY – 30 minutes via Skype or conference call
  • Final progress update after 90 days


Copy of my Guide, 7 Simple Steps to a Healthier You! ($47 value) 1 year
Wellness Center Subscription ($120 value)9 months
Stay On Track Program($675 value)


  • 30 Day Sample Meal Plan with Recipes ($650 value)
  • Skinny Secrets Webinar Recordings – 5 Classes recorded by Susie Garcia and Dr. Denise Wood ($1,497 value)
  • Virtual Shopping Guide with photos ($350 value)
  • Free upgrade to VIP for all seminars and other programs for 1 year ($500+ value)
  • Personal Restaurant Review. I will review menus of your 5 favorite/frequent restaurants and give you tips on exactly what to order ($250 value)
  • Membership to private Facebook group (priceless)
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