Susie has written hundreds of articles for print and online publications and enjoys sharing health and wellness messages with her audience.

In 2014 her book, Psyched to be Skinny – How to Stop Emotional Eating, Enjoy Healthy Weight Loss and Keep it Off for Life was released. She is also a contributing author to Start Right Marketing – The Business of Making an Impact which reached #1 Best Seller Internationally!

Not everyone who struggles with unhealthy eating habits fits into one category. Everyone eats for different reasons—and figuring out what those reasons are is the first step toward being healthy without going hungry.

In Psyched to Be Skinny, Doctor of Clinical Psychology Denise Wood and nutritionist Susie Garcia offer tips tailored to your specific eating “type,” suggested workouts and recipes, and solution-focused and cognitive behavioral exercises—a whole arsenal of tools that will help you steer clear of unhealthy foods and eating habits, develop a more positive attitude about food, and start visualizing a new, healthier self. With Wood and Garcia’s help, you can make real, sustainable changes to your daily life that will have you looking and feeling your best in no time … and putting away the diet books for good.
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Today’s market is dynamic, online centric, Google dependent, and social media savvy and if you can leverage and understand what to do and where to turn, you can surround yourself with collaboration partners that can help you navigate and dominate. Included in this book is your personal connection to 12 of the best people in their fields that will take you through topics such as Internet Marketing, Social Media, Digital Publishing, Networking, Event Planning, Speaking, and even Mindset.
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