Get Your Plate In Shape – National Nutrition Month!

It’s March!  How did you do on your New Year’s Resolution?

Need another reason to get focused on eating healthy?  March is National Nutrition Month.

he Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association) helps consumers understand how to implement these suggestions into their daily lives with “Get Your Plate in Shape,” this year’s theme of National Nutrition Month®.

Each March, the Academy encourages Americans to return to the basics of healthy eating. This year’s National Nutrition Month theme encourages consumers to ensure they are eating the recommended amounts of fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods and dairy each day.

As part of this public education campaign, the Academy’s National Nutrition Month website ( includes helpful tips, fun games, promotional tools and nutrition education resources, all designed to spread the message of good nutrition around the “Get Your Plate in Shape” theme.

Take a moment to think about a couple of goals and start with SOMETHING.

Maybe it’s one more glass of water each day, maybe it is a trip to the Farmer’s Market to make fruit and vegetable eating more fun for your kids (and you!), or a cup of tea at night instead of a bowl of ice cream.

Small changes can result in big differences!

Health and Bliss to you,


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