Eating for Energy Not Emotion by guest expert Susie Garcia, RDN


Emotional EatingEmotional eating is something that many struggle with, where you feed your feelings rather than a hungry stomach. Today’s segment is part of a series by my guest expert Susie Garcia, who will unravel ways to deal with emotional eating and how to control it! Susie, over to you…

There are several different types of emotional eaters; anxious, depressed, bored, situational etc… When you eat for an emotional reason you are missing out on nourishing and energizing your body. This article will give you a few practical tips that you can implement right away to improve your energy through good nutrition.

I’ve identified 3 areas that many people will find emotional eating issues can impact them. Time, Tasks and Guilt; this article will discuss TIME.

TIME is an area that can cause an array of emotional eating behaviours to occur. I’m not talking about time management like meal planning (that’s related…

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