Don’t Grocery Shop when you are hungry!

Don’t Grocery Shop when you are hungry!

This is an long standing rule for healthy eating, now there is a small study to back it up! 
Participants chose more high fat foods when they hadn’t eaten for 5 hours compared to those that had a small snack before shopping. 

Sometimes the only time you have to shop is at the end of the day, on your way home from work; you want to be very careful; be sure to have a list and if needed eat a small snack that you keep with you; a few nuts, 1/2 of a protein bar – something to take the edge off. 

Better planning can help, try to look at the upcoming week on the weekend when you likely have more time to shop and make sure you are stocked up on healthy foods so you don’t go for junk.

What are your biggest shopping challenges?

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