8 More Days of 2013

I am enjoying counting down 2013 and getting ready for the new year.  Of course since I’m a dietitian I pay a lot of attention to food and I love finding new recipes.  I hope you’ve enjoyed what I’ve blogged this year!

Today I’m using a good trick to prevent over-eating and I’m not OVER-SERVING foods.  For dinner I’m making a salad and only serving one starch and one vegetable side dish.  When you have potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn and a rice dish is when you and your guests are more likely to over-indulge.  There is plenty of time to enjoy delicious food, no need to eat it all on one day!

I talk about this type of over-eating dilemma in my book and other ways to think differently about what your eating so it isn’t emotional!  The book is Psyched to be Skinny, and is coming out in January.  It’s so exciting, I can’t wait for you to read it!

You can learn more at www.PsychedtobeSkinny.com



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