11 Days to the New Year – continuing Tips & Recipes from Susie

I want to share something exciting that I did this month – I ran my first marathon!

I decided in January that it was time for me to cross that goal off the list and selected the Honolulu marathon – might as well go somewhere lovely, right?

I started training hard in August and worked on increasing my carbohydrates 6 weeks before the race.  I finished; I wasn’t very fast, but I wasn’t doing for time.  It was a fantastic experience!

What health or fitness related thing have you always wanted to do?  Maybe its a 5K walk for charity or achieving a difficult pose in yoga or completing a triathlon or mud-run.  Whether it’s big or small speak it out loud NOW that you are going to do it next year.  

Then pick the month that you are going to do it and start telling people!  You will feel empowered and also committed by sharing your goal and you will be SO excited when you make it happen!  

Also think about your nutrition goals, you can get a jump start by pre-ordering my book today!



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