The Amazing Disappearing Spinach!


Get My Five Tips to Eating Clean – Plus 5 Recipes

Not only do I love hiding vegetables but I also like making them seemingly disappear. Not so much by eating them but in the way that you prepare them.

One of my favorite power foods is spinach! I have a part of one of my classes in my Energizer Your Body 30 day Jump Start Program where I talk about power foods and spinach is one of them.


Why do I like spinach so much? Well,  it is loaded with nutrients like iron, B vitamins, Vitamin A and lots of super anti-oxidants!

It’s also really versatile you can use it in a salad by itself you can tear it up and mix it in with a mixed green or Romaine salad to add a little bit of color add more nutrition.

You can use it to cooked, for example in a soup or you can grind it up and hide it in the spaghetti sauce, meat loaf, chili –  a variety of things! The flavor is so mild once it’s cooked you won’t even notice that it’s incorporated into your meal!

The reason that I am calling this post “disappearing spinach” is because when I sautéed some mushrooms that other night I put almost an entire bag of spinach on top of the pan and let it cook down and you can see that it looks like the spinach disappeared!


It isn’t a huge amount of food, however, it is a massive quantity of nutrition. So if you were looking for a way to eat more vegetables every day if you cook down spinach you’re still getting all of those great nutrients but you’re not having to eat such a high volume of food!

I love the photo because he can’t even see the mushrooms underneath the mound of spinach until it’s cooked down.

Quick prep: (it’s so Easy Peasy I can’t even call it a recipe!)

I sautéd the mushrooms in olive oil and then I added some garlic that was already minced that I buy in a jar and a little salt pepper and that was it. I put the spinach on top, covered and cooked for about 4-5 minutes. DONE!

You can use this as a side dish and eat it alone or you could place it on a plate and put a chicken breast or a nice piece of salmon on top of it; then you get a little bit of that restaurant feel in your own home and it’s still easy.

Get My Five Tips to Eating Clean – Plus 5 Recipes

Day 26 #NationalNutritionMonth

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