Snack Attack – Day 14

What do you think of when you hear the word “snack?”  Do you think of it as a positive word or negative word?  I find that many people consider it a negative word and an un-healthy action; because many typical snack foods are not particularly healthy; ie. candy bars, cookies, chips, etc… Women especially will correlate a ‘snack’ with cheating or not sticking to a plan.

The Webster Dictionary defines snack as –  a light meal – food eaten between regular meals.  That’s pretty harmless!  I am in love with the word nourish. I want you to nourish your body with healthy foods; at regular meals or SNACKS!  This is a mindset shift, part of the 2nd P in my 5 Step system – HAPPY.  (see Day 1 post)

Below are some healthy snack suggestions and also some ideas for planning your snacks.  This post is actually a great example of how everything works together – H – Healthy Foods (actual foods to choose); P – Planning & Preparation (ideas for snack planning); P – Positive Mindset (think about nourishing your body).


75 – 100 calorie snacks

Hard boiled egg

4 small sardines

1 cup raspberries

Fresh apple or pear

3 graham cracker squares

1 mozzarella stick, part skim

8 ounces vegetable juice (low sodium)

1 tablespoon hummus with 10 baby carrots


100 – 150 calorie snacks

1 ounce trail mix

12-13 baked chips

1 ounce high fiber cereal

1/2 cup reduced-fat (2%) cottage cheese

1 ounce canned tuna or salmon plus 6 crackers

Small Protein or Energy Bar

1/2 cup wasabi peas

8 oz Low fat plain Greek yogurt

2 cups popcorn


150 – 200 calorie snacks

1 oz nuts (Walnuts and Almonds are the healthiest!)

1 Slice toast (regular or gluten free) + 1 tablespoon almond butter

Unsweetened Chocolate Soy, Almond or Coconut Milk

Protein drink with 100-150 calorie scoop, almond milk, handful of berries

Bean soup, 1 cup

Nut based protein or energy bar



Keep cut up vegetables, fruits & other healthy snacks on hand

Drink water, sparkling water, diluted juice or vegetable juice instead of soda

Keep “sometimes” snacks out of sight on a high shelf

For every “sometimes” snack you buy, buy an “every day” snack

Pre-portion snacks and put in a baggie or plastic container

Try to include 2 food groups in your snacks

If it’s not pre-portioned put the appropriate amount of your snack in a dish, plate or cup

Don’t nibble all day. Plan a morning and afternoon snack

Health & Bliss to You,


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