How to avoid a “Fat” Heart

How to avoid a “Fat” Heart

I CONSTANTLY am encouraging my clients, colleagues, friends, family…well, everybody – to STAND UP more and SIT LESS!

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There are literally a gazillion reasons why – but a BIG one is that excess sitting can increase fat build up around your heart.

I encourage you to take a couple of minutes to read this article, it is from 2012 – so this isn’t SUPER NEW, but certainly worth repeating!!

Too Much Sitting Linked to Fat Buildup Around the Heart

The Takeaway…

Stand Up!!  This is a very compelling article about the dangers of sitting.  Next time your phone rings…Stand Up to take the call!  You burn more calories and you’ll be helping your heart.

Take short breaks; just a minute or two.  Here’s an idea…DRINK LOTS OF WATER (which you should be doing anyway) and then you’ll have to get up to use the restroom.  Ta dah!  2 good habits wrapped into one.

Day 10 #NationalNutritionMonth

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