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This year is flying by so fast it’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on in social media and online!

In January, I was quoted in a Huffington Post article about 10 Novel Ways to Drop Weight. My contribution was to Stand Up!

I am such an advocate for standing I can’t even tell you: I take phone calls standing up, I have a standing work station –  if you read my other blog posts you’ll see it all the time;  if you have heard me speak at a conference or event, I make everyone stand up!  (sometimes I have them clap so I get an instant Standing Ovation!!)Susie5

STANDING is a constant theme in my own healthy lifestyle and what I encourage my clients to include in theirs!!

I’ve pasted my section below and also a link to the full article.

6. Just stand up.
mature standing desk
“One of my favorite tips is to stand up more during the day,” says Susie Garcia, R.D.N., author of “Psyched to be Skinny: How to Stop Emotional Eating, Enjoy Healthy Weight Loss and Keep it Off for Life.” An easy way to do it: Use a headset and take your phone calls while standing up or pacing the floor. “Standing burns more calories than sitting and an extra 100 calories a day burned can result in losing 10 pounds a year,” she says.


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Day 24 – #NationalNutritionMonth


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